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When the workday is over and everyone else has gone to bed, I'm writing scripts, stories and games, playing bass guitar, and performing on-camera and behind the mic. And when I create anything of interest, I share it here.

Want to reach me? Email me at! I'll still be up...
If you happen to enjoy my work, drop me a line and let me know!  You can also stay up-to-date on my creative exploits by following and friending me on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
» September 14, 2014 Brando: The Lost Footage
My extreme impression of screen icon Marlon Brando, interspersed with bits of absurd comedic tomfoolery. Sublimely ridiculous & crazy fun!  Warning: Contents under pressure, may contain trumps.

» September 11, 2014 Ask Ricky Anything
Probably the best personal advice you'll ever get. From a gnome. So what are you waiting for? Crack open an email and send your questions to Ricky today! Freakin' giant.

» August 29, 2014 Bird Calls!
My very best bird calls. Please help spread awareness of Nature by sharing this video. Not endorsed by The Audubon Society. (Just hit play, laugh, share, etc. It's not like I'm asking you to donate a kidney.)

» July 2, 2014 Hey, Lee (part 1)
Did you hear that sound? Got a minute to spare? It's part 1 of my new micro-series "Hey, Lee!" So stop by, subscribe, blah blah blah, whatever.

» June 6, 2014 HAPPY FRIDAY (in 15 languages)
I've just smashed into 2014 with a brand-new video, and wish YOU a very HAPPY FRIDAY (in 15 languages)! Please share it with someone you like, and be sure to swing by and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

» February 27, 2014 Video Demo Reel
Did you know that I write my own material? This is my new Writing and Performance Demo Reel, based on the sketch work I've done this past year. Please help me spread the word, and share it with your friends!

» February 2, 2014 Voice Demos
You may not be able to tell, but I'm actually part parrot. The following are new video format versions of my Commercial and Animation Voice Demos. Please note, all 25 or so characters in them are voiced by me!


» December 15, 2013 The Heckler
A stand-up comic runs into the mother of all hecklers. My video for (ahem) November (...) features the very funny Lee Chapman as The Heckler. Warning: This video contains mature language!

» October 31, 2013 A Wolf's Tale
A modern-day werewolf's take on Halloween, lycanthropy, and coming out of the closet. I was particularly pleased with how this video turned out, and very much hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween!

» September 30, 2013 Narcissism, a Tweetologue
This original monologue is comprised entirely of my own personal tweets. That's verbatim, with no extra words. Don't believe me? Visit me on Twitter and see for yourself!

» August 17, 2013 YouTube Channel Trailer
Allow me to present the new trailer video for my YouTube channel, which plays there automatically for unsubscribed visitors. If you're on the 'Tube, please stop by to say "hi," and subscribe!

» July 15, 2013 Failure and Rejection
Reflections on life in the modern world, monkeys, and Cyd Sherman.

» June 2, 2013 My RPG Life
This is an audition piece I did for a popular geek culture web site, who said they'd only accept bribes in the form of cupcakes.

» May 13, 2013 Sensational Singles
My new dating profile video. Not so much hopelessly romantic, as just plain hopeless.

» February 15, 2013 A Story for Ramon
I put this together for my friend Ramon, who hasn't been feeling well recently. Please join me in sending him some good thoughts and healing vibes!

» February 13, 2013 Some Tests
These are just some tests to, you know... test some stuff out.

» December 24, 2012 Happy Holidays!
Wishing you happy holidays, and a year of peace and prosperity ahead!

Until we meet again.
I began doing voice work in the 80's, and specialize in character voices. Think comedic piece, or cartoon, and you've got me!

Listen and see if you can count how many different scene partners I'm working with...

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